About Us

Pet care collective

Puppin’ Around! is a dog walking, sitting, and training collective located in Detroit, MI.
What is a collective, you may ask? It is a group of people who organize horizontally, with no one in power over another person. Puppin’ Around is collectively run and worker owned and operated. This means that we’re all equally responsible to the dogs, to the clients, and to each other. No bosses! Neat!
Being a collective allows for us to work more hands on with each individual client, forming strong and personal bonds with you and your pet.

Meet our collective members!



Ken: Full time member Ken has been with Puppin’ Around for a little over four years. Joining the collective in the summer of 2013. Ken has one dog, Rollo a pit-lab-shar pei mix. Rollo came to live with Ken as a foster in spring of 2015. Shortly after Rollo arrived he became a failed foster joining his forever home with Ken. Ken has experience with helping different organizations in the Detroit area rescue stray and abandon dogs. His love, patience, and willingness to learn has made him good with fear aggressive dogs, as well as large difficult to manage dogs. Ken’s other interests include spending time with his family, bicycling, making sawdust, and working on his houses.


Ben: Ben grew up on a farm in rural Minnesota, where he’d roam the woods with his family’s dogs. Growing up in the country without a lot of people around led him to relate closely to his animal friends. As an adult, he has moved around too frequently to own a dog of his own, but he dearly loves his roommate’s cat, and is the go-to dog and cat sitter when his friends and family are out of town. As a touring musician, a highlight of the experience is meeting the road dogs along the way. He also works as a bassist and composer in the Detroit area, and his other interests include performance art, dance, and books.


Frances: bio coming soon.


Jenni-Rollo-MountTop-HighResJenni: Growing up in the Appalachian mountains in NH and ME Jenni began rescuing animals at a young age. The woods gave her first hand experience  on how to handle difficult real life situations and exposed her to unique animal care skills. She grew up with several animals including cats, birds, rats, fish, turtles, hamsters, ferrets, and of course dogs. Her first dog was a fully black black lab -australian shepard mix, her second was a red sable pure bred german shepard, and her third childhood dog was a fawn colored pure bred pomeranian. Now Jenni is settled into the Detroit area living with her and her partner’s dog Rollo, and her cat Iggy. Rollo is a pit-lab-shar pei mix, while Iggy is a beautiful persian-egyptian mau combination. Her experience with animal care has made her good with handling rescue animals, and helping to rehabilitate fear aggressive and prey driven dogs. Her other interests include photography, art, travel, and spending time with her family.


AshleighAshleigh: My name is Ashleigh Davis, and dog training is my passion. I decided to become a trainer after I brought home my dog Clark in 2009 who turned out to have a high propensity for aggression. She is my inspiration; she set me on a mission to rehabilitate dogs like her. My intense experiences with Clark made this life path a deeply personal investment for me. I’ve been fostering and training dogs since 2011. I founded Puppin’ Around driven by a dream of a horizontally structured business, with each member in equal control of their livelihood, providing a high-quality service that was not available in Detroit at the time we started in 2013. I then moved to Florida and worked at On The Wings of Angels Rescue in Odessa, FL for twenty two months, doing first a six-month intensive dog training apprenticeship, then being hired as a trainer to rehabilitate death-row dogs with serious behavior problems. I utilize a reward-based approach to training. You can feel confident that your individualized training program uses the latest scientifically proven methods. Other than dogs, I enjoy spending time in nature and listening to music. I live with my personal dog Clark, a 10 year old Australian Cattle Dog mix, and Avery, a rescue pigeon, plus a variety of foster dogs.

Puppin’ Around!